North Wales Hospital Patient Index

We have an index of patients admitted to North Wales Hospital, in Denbigh, between 1848 and 1914.

What are patient reception orders?

Patient reception orders provided evidence that a patient was ‘certified insane’.  They include personal information and details of the patient’s symptoms before they were admitted to the hospital.  The reception order is the first record of the patient’s time at the hospital, and can be used alongside other records, such as case notes, to find out more about the patient’s care.

The patient reception orders we have are listed in alphabetical order in the indexes below.

The indexes include basic information such as the patient’s name, occupation, admission date, age on admission, date of discharge or death, and the union paying for their treatment.  The reception orders themselves contain much more information, such as observations made by a medical practitioner.

You can get some guidance on how to use these indexes here.

What to do if you find a record of interest

If you find a record in the index and would like to see the original reception order, we suggest that you book at place in the searchroom.

If you cannot visit the office in person, we can provide you with a copy of the order, for a fee of £10.  We can also check the records to see if there are any surviving case notes for the patient.