Public Health and Hospitals

Denbighshire Archives is a statutory place of deposit for public records which includes hospital records. Hospital records can include administrative records relating to the running of a hospital such as minutes and accounts as well as patient records including admission and discharge, maternity registers and death registers.

Please note that the survival of hospital records is often inconsistent and therefore some collections are more comprehensive than others.

You can search for an individual hospital at the top of this page.

What records can I find at Denbighshire Archives?

Individual Hospital Records

Denbighshire Archives holds records of the following hospitals-

Asylum and Lunacy Records

Denbighshire Archives holds the main collection of hospital records for the North Wales Hospital in Denbigh. The collection is one of the most comprehensive examples of asylum records in the country. The hospital was known by various names during its existence- The North Wales Lunatic Asylum, The North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum, The North Wales Counties Mental Hospital and The North Wales Mental Hospital.

The collection includes administrative records such as minutes and annual reports plus a fantastic collection patient records, from 1848 when the hospital opened and until the establishment of the NHS in 1948, and which have been used to research the care and treatment of patients and attitudes to mental illness.

You can also search for a patient at the hospital between 1848 and 1914 using the patient index.

Other records relating to mental illness include:

You can conduct a key word catalogue search for Lunacy.

Hospital Management Committees

Denbighshire Archives holds records relating to the management of hospitals in Denbighshire including:

Medical Officer of Health Reports

Before 1974, Public Health was the responsibility of local authorities and the County Medical Officer.

Medical Officer of Health reports can be very useful in gaining an insight into public health in a town or area including statistics on birth and death, disease, vaccination programmes and general sanitation. Medical Officer of Health Reports can be found amongst Urban and Rural District Council records (UDD), Borough records (BD) and County Council Health Department records (CD/H). Health Department (CD/H) also includes medical officer of health for schools (1910-1960).

Health Department Records

The Denbighshire County Council Health Department records also include records relating to provision of the health service, vaccination, maternity and child welfare.

What language were the records written?

The majority of these records are in English. It is our policy to catalogue records in the language they were originally written.

How can I access these records?

You can view these records in our searchroom. Book a place in the searchroom today.

There is a closure period of 100 years on patient records. See our access page for further details.

What records can I find in other archives and organisations?

Gwynedd Record Office

Gwynedd Record Office (Caernarfon) holds a sample of North Wales Hospital patient records (post 1948) for patients living in the Gwynnedd/Anglesey area only.

The National Archives

The National Archives holds records of the Ministry of Health and related bodies. See their online research guide for further details.

The National Archives also hosts the National Hospitals database which was created in partnership with the Wellcome Trust. You can read further information about the database here.

The Wellcome Library

The Wellcome Library holds Medical Officer of Health Reports for areas around the UK. Search their catalogue for reports relating to Denbighshire.