The Wishlist is a place to collect references of documents that you want to look at.  They can be documents that you haven’t ordered yet, but know that you will want to see at some point in your research.  This guide will tell you how to:

Add documents to your Wishlist

View and manage your Wishlist

Finish incomplete orders

See that a document is not orderable

You can add up to 10 items to your Wishlist at a time.

Add documents to your Wishlist

There are two ways to add documents to your Wishlist:

  1. From a list of search results
  2. From the Record Details view of any document.

From a list of search results

When you have a list of search results and you know you want to see a particular document you can add that document to your wish list by pressing the Add to Wishlist button (you must be logged in to add documents to your Wishlist as below).

You will see a pop-up message confirming that you have added this document to your Wishlist.  You can remove documents already on your Wishlist by pressing Remove

From the Record details view of any document

You can add any document to your Wishlist from the Record details view by pressing Add to Wishlist – as indicated below.

View and manage your Wishlist

You can look at your Wishlist by clicking on the My Wishlist link at the bottom of any page as shown below (you must be signed in to view your Wishlist).

You can also look at your Wishlist by clicking on the Hello [your name] link at the top of any web page…

…and then selecting the Wishlist button or Wishlist tab…

This is a list Wishlist with documents in it

From here you can do one of three things:


If the documents are available for downloading a check box underneath red the Download button will appear next to the document.  Simply click the check box and click the Download button to start downloading.

Request a copy

You can request a copy of the document. However depending on the size and condition of the document, this may not always be possible.


You can remove any item from your Wishlist by clicking the checkbox underneath the red Remove button next to your document and then clicking the Remove button.  You can remove several items at a time or you can remove them all by checking the Select all check box at the bottom of the Wishlist.
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